I’m Bailey Hebert, a 20 year old from New Orleans. I’ve lived in different states when I was younger but Louisiana has my heart and I call this crazy place home. I live with my amazing boyfriend Dillon and we own a house with three fur-babies; Piper, Cane, and Ranger. Dillon and I met in middle school and lived in the same neighborhood for years. The day after I graduated high school(May 2016) I moved in with him in a little apartment and we didn’t have much. Today we own half an acre, a house, three vehicles, and a beautiful pond next to fourteen acres of woods. I never would’ve imagined my life turning out this way and I wouldn’t change a thing.

So why did I start a blog? Well… I want to share my story, my thoughts, and have a place to document my life. Growing up I had a rough start and now that I’m on my own and making a life for myself I want to remember every moment. The name of my blog, Sincerely Bailey, was the first thing that popped into my head when I started this. When I’m gone I want this blog to be the journal I leave behind.