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One thing I could never sell would be my truck, I’m too attached to it haha! It’s my first vehicle and I’ve had to learn so much from working on it and driving it. Since the day I bought this truck I had been wanting to customize it and change some things. Here’s a list of things I have done to my truck so far… I’ll post updates with more pictures as I change more things. (I have added my affiliate links to some of the products I’ve purchased in case you want any of the items I listed.)

Got a Bullet Antenna

The easiest(in my opinion) customization to do to your vehicle would be changing the antenna. Some people don’t even think about this but it’s the first thing I wanted to change. I went to Autozone to buy a smaller antenna and I had it for a while before getting my bullet antenna. my dad had it on his truck and eventually gave it to me. If you notice, my antenna is baby blue, this antenna comes in black but I decided to paint it my favorite color instead of the black. My reception is good and I LOVE the look of it. The description said it was modeled after a .50 BMG cartridge… whatever that means. This was a great way to make an easy change to my truck!

Plasti Dip on my emblems

We all have emblems on our vehicles and while some people like to remove them, I plasti dipped mine. This is another simple way to customize a vehicle. Plasti Dip comes in a lot of different colors and it’s very easy to apply. You can look up tutorials on YouTube to see how to use it. I only plasti dipped my emblems but you can paint your rims, antenna, hitch, bumpers, etc. I used the matte black color and it took a short amount of time to do.

Ordered Seat Covers

You can get seat covers in just about any color and size. I just have some plain black ones with a universal fit but the options are endless. I originally got these because I had a small tear in my driver’s seat and I didn’t want it to get any worse, seat covers fixed the problem. Now I have dogs that shed and other things that could harm my seats so it’s a good idea to get some seat covers and remove them for cleaning.

Cut my exhaust pipe

People are always asking how I got my truck to be so loud, the answer is straight piping your exhaust. I recommend doing research on the exhaust for your vehicle and getting someone to help you before you do this. My boyfriend had done this to his truck and other vehicles before so I let him do this for me. He simply sawed off the exhaust pipe and removed it. Some people do this and buy a new exhaust tip to add on but for a while, I left mine alone. Just a few months ago, I added a tip to mine to change the sound a little bit. I love blue so I also painted it which is why my exhaust pipe is blue.

Replaced my Grille

I’m not sure how easy or hard this is to change on another vehicle but for my truck it was very simple. The grille is what allows your vehicle to take in air and cool off the engine and alternator. My stock grille was chrome and had a crack on the right side, so I decided to order a new one in matte black. If you do order this grille then you’ll be getting an awesome deal since it’s so inexpensive but keep in mind that it does not come with the Dodge emblem. I didn’t know that but I simply took the emblem off of the old grille, painted it to match, and glued it to the new grille.

Added a Hitch Cover

If you own a truck and you don’t haul things often then adding a hitch cover to your truck is a cool way to personalize it. I love Dodge trucks so I wanted to keep that theme. My hitch cover is the Dodge Ram emblem and the best part is the fact that it lights up! That’s right, when you press on your brakes, the hitch cover goes from black to red and serves as another brake light! I love this cover, easy to install and looks awesome.

Replaced my Headlights and Taillights 

This changed the whole look of my truck and it made the other changes pop as well. I never knew, for a 2003 dodge ram, how easy it was to change both the headlights and taillights. I ordered and installed the headlights after realizing how old and worn out my stock lights were. These headlights came with new bulbs and they look so good. After changing the headlights it looked a little funny with stock taillights so I ordered those next. The taillights also came with the bulbs and It took me about 15 minutes to change both! I definitely recommend both of these.

Replaced the control panels on the driver’s side and passenger side

My truck is older and some of the original parts are worn out and broken. The control panel on both front doors that control the windows and locks were both loose and didn’t stay in place any time someone pushes the buttons. These replacements were easy to find and very cheap for being older.

Bought new tires and rims

I found mine on an app called Letgo and only paid $600 for the whole set. They are stocks from a newer Dodge Ram but way better looking than mine! I have some new tires right now but I’m still looking for some rims at the moment so for now I have the stocks.

Got some Tow Mirrors

I HATED my original mirrors with a passion and wanted to change them more than anything. I found some really cool tow mirrors an Amazon that can act as regular mirrors or tow mirrors. You can simply flip them out to change them to tow mirrors and lay them back down when you don’t need them. I got them for a great price and just looked up a YouTube video to install them.



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