I have always wanted to be able to work from home one day. For about two years now I have researched and been scammed more times than I can even count and I’ve gotten nowhere. Every now and then, I start to research again to see if I can find anything new to investigate. I recently started looking for apps that pay to do different things on a phone.

There is plenty of apps that claim to pay you for doing simple tasks but few will ever actually pay you. Most times you will earn points towards gift cards or discounts but I want to earn money! On a long list of apps that I gathered, the Ibotta app seemed to have really good reviews and people were even making videos about it on YouTube! I downloaded it yesterday and I already like it!

When you go into a store to shop, open the app and see what items offer cash back. If you see an item you want to buy then just select the item in the app, buy that item in the store, and scan your receipt! Once you scan your receipt, the app matches the item you bought and gives you cash back for purchasing it. I was curious on if it would work or not so when I was sitting at home last night I took 2 old receipts and two products were eligible for cash back! So I selected those items in the app, scanned my receipt, and just like that I got $.75.

Now I know $.75 doesn’t seem like a lot but I earned that just sitting on my couch scanning old receipts! I watched a video on how to use the app and it was very helpful. There are other great deals and offer on the app but I love how easy it is to just open the app in just about any store and get cash back for purchases that you’re already making. Why not use Ibotta and earn while you spend?

So far, this app works and I can’t wait to see how much I can earn! Use my referral code, “cwfdmxa” to earn $10 when you sign up and redeem your first rebate in the app (you have seven days to do this). You can also use my referral link which I will list below and check out The Melea Show‘s video on how to use the app!