Here is a quick list of my must have photo editing apps. This post is not sponsored and is opinion based. I always like to research about editing apps before I download them to see what other people think about them so I will go ahead and include what I use each app for. Click the links to download them and try them out!

So this free app is used to create borders around your photos, you can even change the color of the borders and crop your images. My main Instagram account has a theme with all of my pictures having the same white border around them so every time I post a picture, I use this app.

While this app does cost money to download, it is worth every penny. Features of Facetune include resizing, reshaping, blurring, patching, sharpening, etc. I use this app for so many different reasons and I give it a 10/10. Remove your acne, recolor the background, add some blurring, get rid of red eyes… the list goes on but I highly recommend this app.
This app is free and it is used to create transparent images. I use this app the remove backgrounds of objects but you can have fun with it by removing anything in the picture. It’s easy to use and he ability to zoom in really far is great for photos with a lot of details. I love this app and recommend it for sure.


  1. I like BeFunky for editing. You can do lots of photo edits and add filters. Color Splash lets you make a picture black and white while choosing an object to remain in color. There’s the really tight zoom so that you can get all of the edges, even on small objects. I also love Prisma and Vinci photo filters. I have one called ToonCamera that lets you make things look like paintings or drawings but I’m not sure that one is offered in the app store anymore.

    • Those apps sounds really cool to work with. I do SO MUCH editing on my phone for multiple things so any apps that are available to ease my work are worth checking out. Thank you!


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