So let’s talk about the craziness going on in my life right now…

For as long as I can remember, I have tried to help all animals and I have brought countless of them home. Animals have a special place in my heart and when I see one in need of help, I’ll do anything I can.

Like I’ve mentioned before, we have two dogs(Ranger and Cane) and we have a cat(Piper). There were no plans of getting any more pets until we recently saw a puppy in need. A man who we work with has a litter of puppies who need homes. But that’s not why this puppy needs help. He needs help because these puppies will be put down if they don’t find homes. I posted these babies in multiple Facebook re homing groups and there have been plenty of people wanting to help out. While the other puppies were being asked about, I decided that I needed to help one of them. I picked the only brown male puppy in the group and decided to take him home.

I had the guy at work bring him in a kennel since I was leaving for an appointment around noon. He was strictly an outside dog and hadn’t really been played with by any humans. When I held him for the first time I immediately knew he was coming home with me. I had been planning on getting him since the week before so I already picked his name and collar(plus everything else he needed).

I decided to name him Beaux, which is pronounced like bow. Dillon had been wanting to use that name for a dog for a long time so I thought it would fit perfectly. I brought Beaux home Monday and the first thing I did was bathe him. He was so scared and he had to trust me not to hurt him.

He’s been with us for a week now and my heart just feels whole knowing that we saved his life. As of right now, I am keeping him. Who knows what the future will bring but this baby is safe and sleeping in a bed in his own room. I can tell he is warming up to me since I brought him home because he’s not scared to walk up to me and he cries when I leave the room. He is also getting along with our other dogs and they love their little brother already.

We love our baby Beaux<3


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