Before moving into our new house, Dillon and I had to give up our last dog because of where we lived and we knew he needed a better home. There was no backyard and nothing for him to do all day other than sit in our tiny apartment alone most of the time. If we would’ve known about our new house and how soon we would be moving, then we wouldn’t have given him up.

Dillon and I missed our dog so much and I could tell Dillon wasn’t happy without him.. So I decided to find him a new friend. We wanted to have a dog by Christmas of 2017 so I searched on Facebook for weeks until I found the perfect one. He was a two year old German Shepherd named Ranger and he was beautiful. The previous owner was moving away to college and didn’t want to leave him behind so she wanted a new family for him. I made sure Dillon was okay with having an older dog (we didn’t want a puppy) and when I showed him the pictures he fell in love.

We knew Ranger was the one and we were ready to bring him home. We met the previous owner that weekend and our sweet boy came home with us. We were very nervous since he was an older dog and we didn’t know how he was going to act. After we got home, he went inside and laid down next to the Christmas tree.. he was home.

We have had Ranger for almost a year now and we love him like crazy. He mostly stays outside on our covered porch and watches over the house. He loves his little brother Beaux (lab mix puppy) and watches over him when we aren’t home. He loves Dillon like crazy and we are so happy to have him.



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