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I found these awesome and unique gifts online for only $10 and under! These gifts are perfect for any occasion and if you’re looking for something that no one else will find then these gifts are great!

Headphones Organizer
This little organizer is simple to use and is definitely a great gift for anyone. You simply wrap your headphones around it and snap the button closed to hold them in place.

Lucky Pig
This is a cute little pig charm that comes with a story card and is a great gift for anyone.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Pack
Perfect for anyone, this lip balm pack comes with four moisturizing sticks.

10 Foot Android Charger
You can never have too many phone chargers, this is obviously a perfect gift (plus it’s 10 feet long!).

Measuring Cup Decals
Can’t remember conversions while you’re cooking? These stickers are perfect for any kitchen!

SIM Card Remover
Perfect for anyone with an iPhone, you can use this tool to open your sim card port on your phone.

Bicycle Bottle Opener
Yes you read that correctly, it’s a bottle opener that looks like a little bike..

I hope you enjoyed my list of unique, cheap gifts! You could give these to anyone at any time and most of them are very useful. Comment below if you purchased any of these items and let me know what they were bought for.

Sincerely, Bailey



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