Ball pythons come in so many different colors today that it’s hard to keep up with them all! New morphs are being created every year and the selection keeps growing. BP’s are definitely my favorite kind of snake and there are some awesome morphs out there that are on my dream BP list.

Number one on my list is the Blue Eyed Leucistic(Lucy). This gorgeous snake is all white with blue eyes!  Breeding any combination of the  Butter, Lesser, Mojave, Phantom and Russo genes together will make the Blue Eyed Leucistic. I’ve seen a lot of price ranging on these but they are mostly worth $350 to $550.

Next on the list is an Urban Camo, I can’t find a lot of information on how these amazing snakes are produced but I know it’s a combo with the sandblast genes. Such a mind blowing animal and a big dream BP for me. Believe it or not these snakes are priced around $5,000 to $7,000.

Another really awesome morph on my dream list is the Gold Dust BP. This morph was first produced by BHB Enterprises and I love the coloring of this snake, so pretty! There’s some 2010 Gold Dusts for sale listed at $12,500!

Here’s one snake I love and will get one day, it’s called a Piebald BP. These are far more common than the other morphs I mentioned but they will always be a favorite of mine. Piebaldism is a naturally occurring recessive genetic mutation. You can breed together two snakes that already have the trait in either a homozygous form or in a heterozygous form to get a piebald snake. I’ve seen these snakes range anywhere from $300 to $650.

The Albino BP is an all time favorite of mine even though it’s very common. This is basically the opposite of a normal ball python, it’s white and yellow. These snakes go anywhere from $100 to $600.

Those aren’t all of the snakes that I want but those are the morphs that are highest on the list of my dream ball pythons. What are your dream snakes?