Growing up wasn’t easy for me and my childhood was a mess but the one thing I was sure about was the fact that I wanted to move out at when I turned 18. It wasn’t an easy thing for me to speak to my parents about, so I tried to research and ask other people I knew about what moving out would be like. None of my friends had done that yet and no one could tell me enough to help me prepare. I started watching YouTube videos and I was able to learn about paying bills, getting a job, buying a vehicle, etc.

When I turned 18 I was a senior in high school(2016) with about seven months left of school. By that time, I had a job working at a daycare and I bought my first vehicle from my dad. I was still determined to move out at 18 but I had no plan or idea on how I was going to do that. In March, I started dating my current boyfriend(Dillon) and we talked about what I was going to do after high school. I remember telling him that no matter what happened between us, I wanted him to help me move out after school. It was about a month later when we decided that I should move in with him and his mom after I got out of school and I would start working full time at the daycare.

I had a couple weeks left before graduation and I needed to talk to my parents about moving out. I had never been so nervous! My stepmom wasn’t surprised and was completely okay with it, but I still had to tell my dad and I was dreading that. I did eventually sit down with him to talk about it and he was okay with it as well.

May 6th was my last day of high school and I was so ready for what was to come next. The next day, Saturday, I had my graduation party with friends and family. None of them knew I was moving out of my house and in with Dillon but I didn’t even know that I would be moving out that same day! After the party, I asked if I could bring a couple of my things over to Dillon’s place and my stepmom said it was ok if I wanted to leave that night. I was so excited, but I had a nervous/anxious feeling fall over me. It only took a couple of hours to pack my things up and load them into my truck and Dillon’s truck. I remember sitting in my truck after loading the last couple items I had, I just sat there and cried for a while realizing that this was it and there was no turning back once I left. I planned on moving out for so long and starting adult life but now that the time had come I was scared to leave.

We eventually left my parent’s house and headed to Dillon’s. After unloading everything and setting up my closet I was officially moved in. My emotions were high, but I was so happy that I did it. I took a week to unpack and get settled in before letting my boss know that I wanted to start working full time. Once I started working full time and paying bills I got my own car insurance policy and moved my truck into my name. That was a big step for me because I never had to pay for anything but gas before I moved out. I did tell the rest of my family after a little time and no one was happy to hear the news. It took some time, but everyone came around to the idea.

The whole experience was emotional, sad, exciting, and new for me. I struggled with money at first and had to learn a lot about real life the hard way, but I eventually got used to things. That is one memory I will never forget and I’m definitely glad that I did it.


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