We live in a mobile home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. I recently decided to remodel some things like the half bedroom we have. Its half the size of a regular bedroom and it was used as an extra closet before we purchased the house. I have been going crazy on Pinterest and furniture/ room design sites for a couple weeks now looking for inspiration for this room. We own a Playstation, Xbox’s, an air hockey table, and other games that take up too much space in the house. Since we don’t have kids and the shop outside is almost done, I’ve decided to change that room into the game room. Once that shop is done, we will be moving a lot of the things we have in the house out so we can have more space inside. The room had shelves and carpet so the first thing I did was remove the shelves and the plates over the light switches and sockets. I then needed to remove the carpet so I used a box cutter to cut the carpet into sections for easy removal. I have never remodeled a room before much less removed a carpet so I did as much research as I could before starting. I have designed a rendering of the room to have as a guideline/ idea for what I want the room to look like below.
Image 1 is the room from the hallway Image 2 is the left side of the room Image 3 is the view of the wall with the door Image 4 is the view from in front of the TV (those are beanbag chairs) Check back for updates as I work on the game room and leave a comment below on what you think of the room.


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