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I have been using the iBotta app for 2 months now and I originally downloaded it to try it out. I wanted to see if the reviews were real and if there was an actual chance to make money from it. In my last post about the app, I explained what it was and how to use it. I also mentioned that within minutes after downloading the app, I made $.75 just from scanning old receipts I had. After a couple of months, I now have $12.15!

Now that I have been using the app for some time, I am going to give my review on how well the app works and what my thoughts are about it. If you know about the app, you know that it works with a lot of different stores including online stores. You can either scan receipts after checkout at stores or you can go through their links to shop online for cash back. Even if you don’t shop a lot, there are awesome deals iBotta offers. These deals are called “Any Item” deals which can be used for whatever brand of that product that you have. Let’s say there is an “any receipt” deal, simply scan any receipt for cash back. If there is an “any brand” deal on milk, for example, you can get cash back on any brand/ size of milk you purchased. I wanted to know if every part of the app worked so I scanned receipts and shopped online through the app. Sure enough, I got cash back from both ways of shopping!

Let’s talk and the pros and cons of the iBotta app now:

– easy to use
– new offers available everyday
– popular stores
– immediately earn cash after shopping
– team members help earn you money
– real money, not points

– must reach $20 before cashing out
– most products are worth only $.25
– I don’t personally purchase a lot of the products offered for cash back
– can take a long time to cash out

Overall, I love this app. It’s so simple to use and I open it almost every time I shop in stores. While it does suck to have to reach a payout minimum, it’s not impossible. The number one thing that attracted me to this app was the fact that they reward you quickly and there’s multiple chances just in one day to earn cash back. Unlike most “money back” apps, iBotta actually gives you real cash back instead of points. Go download this great app and ask family/friends for their receipts so you can earn even more. Make sure to check the app daily for deals that are available for limited times.

“If you can make anything a challenge, I like that,” she says. “Plus it’s more portable than coupons, and it introduces me to brands I’d otherwise not try.” Colleen Rice


“Absolutely fantastic way to get money back for purchases on things I’m already going to buy! Very easy to use and reliable.” Chad R.


“I happen to love iBotta. Easy to use and always usually pays out. I’ve only have a few instances where something went wrong but they made sure to credit my account.” Stephanie N.



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