I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw an ad for ReferralCars pop up. The ad was simple and showed the three steps that it takes to make money with them. After watching the simple video and wondering if all I had to do to get paid was drive around with a decal on my vehicle to get money, I decided to test it out.

When I signed up, they asked easy questions like what year my vehicle was, if I was okay with paying for shipping on certain advertisement decals, etc. I entered my name, email, and phone number and got a text saying an account manager would be assigned to me within the next half hour. Sure enough, 30 minutes later I got an account manager named Chana.

My email from Chana stated that she has put in a request for me to join a great campaign that still has spots available and that we would cross our fingers in waiting for a response.

Shortly after that, I got an email from Chana saying that I was accepted to do the campaign so I needed to hurry and clicked the Link so move forward.

So after clicking the link, I verified my email and watched 2 short videos explaining what the company that I would be advertising did and how I would get paid. Basically, if someone signs up for whatever I’m advertising, I get paid. If that person is signed up for a year then that would be steady payments for a whole year.

The third video was all about activating my account and it explained that in the last step, I will be paying for shipping on my decal and entering my shipping information.

After finishing the videos, I moved onto the final step of entering my shipping and payment information for the decal.

I was nervous with this part since I had to pay them shipping for the decal but with the total cost only being $12.95, I wasn’t too worried about it. When I clicked “complete order” at the bottom, a banner popped up offering a commission boost. This sounded good until I checked the box and it was an extra $19.99! I didn’t want to pay that extra amount so I just unchecked the box and moved to the next step. Now it was time to give my card information (which I was very nervous about) but I just made sure to check in on my transfers in my bank account to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

The next step was setting up my account. I had to create a password and login to my dashboard which was pretty easy. Below is what the dashboard looks like.

Here is my assigned referral code

So now that I have officially signed up for Referral Cars, I’m going to wait for my decal to come in and I wikll keep you guys updated on what happens next!


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