I have been working on remodeling my house for a few weeks now. One major thing that I wanted to do was remove the carpeting out of the bedrooms. Carpets hold dirt and odors so even though your home is clean, the rooms will have a certain smell. Don’t even get me started on carpet stains, they are the worst.

I focused on one of the spare rooms first. I researched as much as I could on how to remove the carpet but everything I read was about removing carpet in regular house, not mobile homes. My boyfriend told me that there is ply wood under the carpet so I assumed that I would pull up the carpet and carpet pad to find the ply wood. This was not the case for my house. We have linoleum flooring which is basically a big sheet of flooring that is laid over the floor of the entire house, it’s all one piece.

Other mobile homes may have different flooring but either way, you can remove the carpet the same way I did. Use a blade (I used a box cutter) and start in one corner of the room. Go from that corner to the corner across the room and repeat with the other corners until the carpet is cut like a pizza. Lift each piece and cut along the wall to completely remove it. If the carpet padding doesn’t lift with the carpet then simply rip it up. If you have air vents in your floor (most mobile homes do) then just unscrew it and remove for now.

After removing all of the sections of carpet and padding, there will be small staples in the floor. Remove these and clean up any left over carpeting. I used pliers and a flat-head screw driver to remove them and it worked pretty well. You can now replace the air vent and screw it back in.

See the video below on how I removed the carpet.