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Did you know that the majority of website owners, bloggers, and YouTubers use Pinterest to gain online traffic? It’s true! Pinterest is mainly used for finding ideas or researching certain topics so using this amazing platform for traffic is a no brainer. If you already use Pinterest but you are having trouble with ranking, here’s the secret you’ve been waiting for…

When you go into Pinterest, you can search for just about anything. Depending on what your theme or niche, search for a topic you can produce content for. You’ll want to do this step BEFORE you write your content. Let’s say your niche is makeup. If you search for makeup in the search box, the first thing you will see is the suggested key words or phrases right under the search box. Those suggestions show what people commonly search for when they look up makeup.

So the first suggestion that pops up is telling you that when people search for makeup, they are searching for makeup products and makeup tutorials. Now that you see what people are searching for, you can go back and create content based off of those popular suggestions. Let’s say that you write a blog post on the best makeup products available online, you can insert links to those products! Not only are you getting traffic from Pinterest but you will also be able to sell more products!

A quick hack for keyword users: Search for your topic and save all of the suggestions similar to your content. When you go to create your content, include those keywords and phrases. This hack will get you more traffic from searches on other platforms to go along with your Pinterest traffic!

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