I know there are already hundreds, if not thousands, of posts like this on the internet. Most of us have wondered this at one point or another, and that is… How do I get more Instagram followers?

I won’t lie, I’ve looked that same question up and tried to figure out how to get real people(not bots) to follow me! Over time I have tried some tricks that I’ve learned from others and I have made a list of —— ways to get more followers. I have personally tried these tricks and I am only including the ones that have given me real results.

 Follow other people
This should be a no-brainer but it actually works! Find accounts that interest you or ones that have similar themes and you will get follow backs from those accounts.

Start liking other people’s posts
Again, this is simple but it works. Go through your feed or go to random pages and start showing the love and you’ll get more follows AND more likes.

Decide on a theme
At this point, you probably won’t want to restyle your whole account… and you don’t have to. You can simply start adding borders, filters, stickers, etc. to your posts to create a nice theme. (I use white borders on my photos)

Set a good profile picture
When people visit your page for the first time, they will see your profile picture and your name first. Set a nice profile picture with good quality and make your name something easy to remember(and spell).

Use your bio section…please
Believe it or not, people read your bio section and it can give them a good idea of what you do, who you are, and more info. You can also include links there.

Post good quality photos
The human eye is more attracted to photos that they can easily see. Stop posting those dark, pixelated photos and I promise you’ll get more follows and likes.

I have tried all of these tips and tricks and they have all worked for me. I’m no where near “insta famous” but it was cool to see more people liking and following me from just a couple easy steps. Hope this helps! Leave a comment of your username and if you tried these tricks, let me know how they worked for you!

Sincerely, Bailey

Here’s my Instagram link @baileyehebert


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