So many people have a Facebook account these days but sometimes people want to take advantage of the awesome tools that this social media platform offers. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to setup your very own Facebook page!

*Pictures below*

On a computer:
1. Login to your account

2. Under “Explore” on the left side of your screen, select “Pages”. At the top right hand side you will see a green button that says Create Page. You can also go to your profile page and on the right at the very top of the page there is an arrow. Click the arrow and scroll until you see Create Page.

3. You will either be asked to pick your Page Type or Name your page next. Just follow the steps provided.

4. Once you go through the initial setup, you can start customizing! Choose your username(how people can find your page), set your profile and cover photos, and add some new posts!

5. At the top of your page you will see some options including Inbox, Notifications, Promotions, etc. Click on each one and become familiar with the options given. If you have other social media accounts that are similar to what your page is for, you can connect them and manage them from your Facebook page!

On a mobile phone:
1.Open your app and select the bottom right icon next to your notifications icon(the bell).


2. Scroll down and select “Pages”, here is where you will see an orange box that says “create page”

3. Click “get started” and follow the given steps.

4. From there, it is similar to creating a page on the computer, just start customizing and playing around with the options to familiarize yourself with how things work.

Now that you have created your page, you can add people, post, promote, and more! Facebook is really nice about notifying you about tips and tricks to get people to your page and how to grow your audience. I’ll be posting some short and sweet tutorials on how to do specific things on your page soon. Leave comments on anything you want to know. I hope this helps!

Sincerely, Bailey


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