I’ve had some questions about how I create pet edits. I offer them for people with any type of pets for use as a profile picture, a frame picture, etc. I do offer these for free since I enjoy designing them so much so you will not be charged if you want one.

I start by getting an image of your pet. The image needs to be high quality, bright, and the pet must not be covered by anything in the picture. I download the pet image, remove the background, and add a custom background.

For removing the background, I use multiple programs. If the pet has short hair or not as much detail and the background can easily be removed, I simply use an eraser tool. For more complicated images, I use Photoshop and other more professional software.

After removing the background, I go into Canva.com, Fotor.com, Photoshop, etc. to add the new background. Let’s say someone sends me an image of their cat and they want a circle edit to use for an Instagram profile picture… I will then make the template and add whatever text, stickers, and colors you prefer. I can send a files including PDF, PNG, and JPG.

Send a message on the Facebook blog page @sincerelybailey / DM on Instagram @rangerandcane or @camobeaux

Below are some edits that I have designed for people and a video on the full process of a quick edit of my dog Cane.