I am so excited to say that Dillon(boyfriend) and I are going to Florida next week! This will be our first official vacation together and we both can’t wait. We purchased a suitcase to hold all of our things so we don’t bring so many bags and it will be easier to keep in his truck. We live in Louisiana so we will be driving a couple hours to get there.

I’m already getting a list together of everything to bring so I don’t forget anything important. Obviously I got the basics like the camera/camera bag, outfits, chargers, etc. but if I go on our first vacation and forget anything important… let’s just say I wouldn’t be a happy camper.

I like to think this is our first vacation together even though we have been to the beach twice already. We stayed with Dillon’s grandparents in a condo for two days and had to drive back for work so that was not long enough and we went to Mississippi once to meet our friends who were camping and I was so tired and it was so hot that I don’t even remember if it was two or three days that we stayed. Hopefully this time will be fun and we can actually relax!

We are staying with our friends in a beach house with some of their family and I believe Pensacola is where we are staying. After the trip I will have a post up about the experience and how it went… until then, we are so ready to go!!


  1. Hope you had fun. We are taking the kids next week to Disney and can’t wait. Too bad we couldn’t have timed it at the same time.

    • We just got back from Florida last night, it was a nice vacation.


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