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Father’s Day is right around the corner! Here’s a list of some hilarious gifts he’s sure to laugh at. I based this list off of good reviews and most bought when I went searching, enjoy!

This is literally a box of nothing which is perfect for the dads that say “I want nothing.”

Beer Belly Fanny Pack
It’s gross and funny because this fanny pack looks like a beer belly!

Daddy Diaper Duty Device
Perfect funny gift for a dad with a new baby.

Toilet Golf
If he spends way too long in the bathroom and loves golfing, look no further.

Bring Me A Beer Socks
This is perfect for any guy.

The Man Bun Visor
Give dad a man bun and a visor all in one!

The Grandfather Shirt
What grandpa doesn’t love the Godfather?(It’s a movie)

Bad Parking Printed Cards
Give him the gift he’s wanted and needed for so long, business sized cards with funny sayings on them. You simply see someone who parked like an idiot and leave a card on the window.

Funny Travel Mug
This mug is too funny, just click the link and read it!

I loved finding these funny gifts, comment if you bought any of them. I’m sure he’ll love it!
Sincerely, Bailey




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