We all have certain apps on our phones that we can’t live without. It’s hard to not use apps these days with all the amazing things they can do! I think different people have different apps according to what their interests are and what they regularly do on their phones. Almost everyone with a smart phone has the popular social media apps so I’ll skip those for this list. Here’s a list of the five must have iPhone apps I can’t live without.


The Amazon app is a small version of the Amazon website and it’s a brilliant little app. It’s free, easy to use, and it simplifies online shopping. If I scroll through Pinterest and see something I want, I immediately go to the app and find that product. Amazon is great but it’s a whole new world when you upgrade to the Prime Membership. Items you order, if they qualify for prime shipping, can ship to you in two days for free! It’s a little embarrassing to admit how many things I’ve purchased using this app but let’s just say I can’t live without it!


This free app is perfect for adding borders to your photos. You can add any size border and change the color of it to create a more interesting photo. I use this app to add a certain border to my Instagram posts to give my account a nice theme. I like when posts have a white space in between them so I really love this app!


Now if you already know what this app is then you’re probably thinking that I edit the crap out of my photos before posting them. Well I do edit my photos with it but I’m not taking 10 pounds off and adding boobs I promise. I use it for the little irritating things in photos that we can’t help like acne, random spots, red eyes, yellow teeth, etc. and it is a life saver. Who enjoys posting a nice selfie with a big gross pimple and hoping no one else notices when you can just get rid of that using a simple tool in Facetune? This app costs $3.99, which is a little much for an app but it’s totally worth it.


Peak is a brain training app with unique games used to challenge your memory, problem solving, intelligence, mental agility, language, and so much more! The app is free and offers an upgrade to the pro version for personalized training. If you don’t want to pay for the pro version, then Peak offers a daily exercise for you to complete for free. Once completing the exercise, the app gives you a summary of your improvements, scores, and other helpful information. It’s fun and a great thing to have on your phone when you get bored.


Finally, on my must have list is the Clue app. Now, if you don’t get the monthly red monster from mother nature then you probably wouldn’t need this app. Clue helps you track your period cycle, cramps, moods, energy, skin activity, weight, and a lot more.  It offers a calendar along with an analysis on your history while using the app. You can share your cycle and track just about everything. One thing I really like with this app is when a page pops up telling me some facts about the different things I have tracked. For instance, let’s say I tracked having cramps for a couple months, the app will send me a page saying what percentage of other women have the same cramps and at what point of their cycles they occur. I love this app, it’s certainly a must have for me