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Since the day I found out that my boyfriend and I were moving into our first house, I started buying new things. I wanted nice, cute, matching decor pieces and wall hangings for our new home. I’ve shopped in way too many stores to include all of them but I will include my favorites along with some really cute decor I’ve found since moving. Target would be my first pick. They always have the cutest things in there. We won’t even talk about how much I have spent in that store just on decor but I will say that every time I walk into that store there is something I want. Even If I only go in there for two things I walk out with a full basket full of things I don’t need. Homegoods is related to TjMaxx and Marshalls but it only sells products for your home! This store has things you need, don’t need, want, and probably shouldn’t buy. With every aisle having something new and fun in it, you are sure to find something for the house. Homegoods isn’t everywhere so click here for a link to their website. Ross is another great store for home decor. They sell clothes, and other things but the home section of the store calls to me everytime I am in there. They always have really cute furniture pieces and very nice wall decor too. Ross is very affordable and they always have new things on the shelf. One store that I am obsessed with is an online store. That’s right, you guessed it! Amazon. We all know what Amazon is and we have all heard of it. I can always find perfect decor and little pieces for my house and I love being a prime member so everything comes in 1-2 days. Search for what you want and it will probably show up on Amazon.


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