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I recently purchased the GoPro Hero 5(click here to see post) and I love it! Right after picking out my camera, I went a little crazy on the accessories for it. Luckily, I found a great deal on a bundle offering lots of different attachments in the store. Here’s a list of some of the really cool extras that I bought for my GoPro.

Selfie Stick
Most of us have one of these but the one that attaches to the camera is really nice quality and when expanded, it has the ability to lock in place. Great for vlogging and pictures.

I found this on Amazon and it has been the best thing I’ve found for my camera. It’s a GoPro lanyard with an attachment for the case of the camera so when you are on the go, the camera is right there ready to start recording. I LOVE this accessory!

Floating Hand Grip
My camera is water proof so of course we take it with us when doing anything by the water. The floating hand grip attaches to the camera’s case like any other attachment but this grip is bright yellow and if you drop it in the water, it floats! Let’s say you’re out swimming or you’re on a boat and you drop your camera in the water… you’ll be able to easily spot the camera floating.

Suction Cup Mount
I really love this accessory, it’s a mount that suction cups onto glass. My boyfriend and I leave it in his truck on the windshield for when we film in the truck. It’s stayed in place since we put it there a few weeks ago and it’s nice to film in the vehicle without holding the camera.(safety first!)

Screen Protector
I ordered this on Amazon and the pack came with two. When setting down the GoPro, it will most likely be laying on a part of the screen. These cameras are very sturdy and durable but having a screen protector give that extra protection which is great. Look out below for more accessories and great deals on GoPro cameras and Products. Enjoy! Sincerely, Bailey


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