No matter what your blog’s niche is or how long you’ve been blogging, there’s a chance that you have researched on how to make money. I have been blogging for three months now and I lost count of how many hours I’ve spent looking for the secret on how people do this full time!

I have tried multiple things including Amazon affiliate links, selling graphic designs, linking my Fiverr account, etc. Even when I made a little bit of money, I started to get bored and I wanted to do more. I wanted to try new ways to profit on my blog that newbie bloggers haven’t heard of. I did A LOT of research to come up with these ways to make money and over time I will be trying these secrets. I have tried some of the things included in the list but I haven’t tried the others. I read so many reviews, watched plenty of videos, and did as much research as possible to see which ones were legit before mentioning them here.  The list will include a topic with a breakdown of different methods within that topic. If you try any of these money making hacks, leave a comment below on which ones have worked for you!

Sincerely Bailey

– Sponsored Posts
-Sponsored Social Content
– Add a Job Board
– Newsletter Advertising
– Video Advertising
– Podcast Advertising
– Contests and Giveaways

Affiliate Marketing
– Post Affiliate Videos
– Post Affiliate Links
– Join Affiliate Sites

– Online Webinars
– Online Workshops
– Live Meet-ups

Recurring Revenue
– Premium Content
– Coaching

– Coaching
– Freelancing
– Training
– Consulting
– Speaking
– Design
– Writing

Selling Products
A. Virtual
– eBooks
– Courses
– Software
– Printables
– Apps
B. Physical 
– Books
– Merchandise
– Supplies
– Hand Made Products

Make Money from other Blogs
– Flip an old Blog for someone
– Guest Post on someone else’s Blog
– Ask for Donations
– Sell Themes
– Sell Blogs
– Sell Blog Content


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