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Am I the only one who is tired of UNO, Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Go Fish, etc….? My boyfriend and I get bored a lot and when friends come over, we always play the same boring card games. I started looking for some new games to purchase for the house since I am turning one of our spare rooms into a game room.

Here’s a list of some really cool games I found!

Cards Against Humanity
Warning- this game should only be played by people with a very good sense of humor! We purchased this game before we went to Florida and I will say… it’s hilarious.

Story Cubes
There are a lot of different types of this game but I believe this one is the original. You basically take the dice (which have pictures on each side) and based on the pictures you roll, you have to tell a story.

What Do You Meme?
Apparently this game is not intended for children and it’s the funniest party game you’ve never played. Adding it to my cart for sure.

Under The Influence
This drinking game includes questions, challenges, and dares. If you lose a challenge, you take a sip and if you wimp out on a dare, you take a shot!

Exploding Kittens
I’ve heard of this game and it sounds so fun, I have to get this!

Smart Ass
I’ve been called a smart ass since I could talk so this seems like the perfect game for me.


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