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After buying gifts for your “him” for a while, you might start to run out of ideas! Here’s a list of 5 unique gifts that I have purchased and recommend for the ladies trying to find something neat for their man. (I have included my affiliate links below for you to purchase these products)

12 Gauge Shell USB Charger

If your man likes hunting, guns, etc then he’ll love this gift. It’s a USB charger that looks exactly like a shotgun shell! It’s the same size and it has a small red light that shows when it is plugged in. This is perfect for any vehicle with a spot for a charger, Dillon loved this.

Fishing Rod Rack

If he loves fishing and has no where to store his fishing rods then look no further. This rod rack is awesome and can hold 16 rods at once! There are different designs to choose from and it’s very easy to assemble. Let’s just say I like not having fishing poles all over the house and he loves this rod rack.

Screw Driver & Bottle Opener Keychains

For the guys who always fix things, this cheap and thoughtful gift is great. It’s a keychain with mini flat head and philips head screw drivers. Both come in black or silver and they are too hard to pass up!

Watch Case

A lot of guys like watches and have a couple of them, but do they have a nice place to store them? A watch case is a perfect present and they come in so many colors and sizes. Dillon has a couple of watches and the one I ordered is the perfect size and style I was looking for.

Multitool Key Holder

I’ve noticed that a lot of guys don’t like carrying a lot with them. They don’t like big wallets, or a hundred keys, etc. For example, my boyfriend hates having a lot of keys and I found the perfect gift for him! This key holder has a small tool, led flashlight, and it holds his keys all in one. It’s small and compact which is great for the guys and you can even purchase extra modules to add onto it!

Hope these unique gifts can help!
Sincerely, Bailey



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