I have been watching YouTube videos for years now and even though I am subscribed to a lot of different channels, I have my favorites. Lifestyle, family, and vehicle channels are the ones that I prefer to watch over any others. Here’s a list of 5 of my favorite YouTube channels, click links to check them out and subscribe!

If you have been on YouTube for a while then you probably know who Jenna Marbles and Julien are. They are a couple who has been on YouTube for years now and the JennaJulien channel is their podcast channel which is awesome. There are serious, funny, crazy, and just plain weird podcasts and they are all worth listening to/watching.

Jenna Marbles
She is hilarious and so fun to watch, just go subscribe.

(Believe it or not, her channel name didn’t inspire my blog’s name.) This channel is so fun, Grace does all sorts of videos and she recently had a baby girl! Her boyfriend and her have a family channel now called Grace and Alex which is equally as entertaining and fun. They are both funny and their baby girl is adorable.

I LOVE this channel! DipYourCar is a company that sells peel-able paint for your vehicle and they post videos on how to dip your car, where to buy the dip, and they even show videos of them dipping other people’s vehicles. It’s so fun and satisfying to watch and they will definitely make you want to dip your car!

You are seriously missing out if you don’t know about this channel! It’s a family the does daily vlogs and they are the cutest, sweetest family ever. Keren(the mom), Khoa(the dad), Jackson(first son) and Landon(second son) live in Florida and their vlogs are awesome. All of their subscribers love them and we are all pretty excited because Keren is currently expecting her third baby! They are waiting to find out the gender so go subscribe to follow along!

I have so many more channels that I am subscribed to and love but the ones above are hands down my favorites! Leave a comment below if you are subbed to any of these channels and let me know what your favorite channels are called.


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