So today is my 21st birthday! I’m not too big on celebrating my birthdays but this year I figured I should. I’m throwing a Halloween Party this weekend and making everyone dress up. It’s Wednesday and I still haven’t found a costume but I’m working on it. I am going all out for this party and I hope it comes out just as I imagined.

I want to start doing life updates around the end of each month so I can document my life on here like I planned. So much has been going on lately and my brain is scrambled from everything.

We will no longer have Cane (our pit bull) due to his aggression around the other dogs and his recently developed habits. We work with him and love him so much but we aren’t sure why he is acting out. We decided it will be best if he is with someone who has more time to devote to training and attention so I am happy with the person I chose to care for him. He will be the only pet and she will be living alone with him. We really hate to see him go because he’s so awesome and we love him like crazy, but he deserves more.

I also found out huge news about my family and I am able to reconnect with my sisters after years of not being able to see them. That has made everything in life for me better since they were the missing puzzle piece to my sanity.

On top of all of that, I think I picked out what vehicle I would like for when my current vehicle doesn’t work out anymore. I’ll probably do a post all about it but for now, I am just looking around and it’s surreal to car shop when I’ve only ever had one vehicle and I bought it from my dad.

There’s a lot more to post about but for now I am trying to focus on this party happening in a couple days! Hopefully I get everything in time and it all works out. Look out for a Halloween party how-to post coming soon!

Wish me luck and thanks for keeping up with me.♡

Sincerely, Bailey