So Dillon and I have been living in our first home for almost a whole year now and we are finally ready to start changing some things. Don’t get me wrong, our house is perfect and we love what we have, but we want to make it ours and work on it together.

We are starting with the backyard first and now that the grass is finally growing, we can start preparing for a pool, a fence, the shed, etc. Dillon just bought a brand new lawn mower yesterday and we will be finishing the “shop” outside this week. There’s a lot to do outside before we can really start on the inside since we don’t have a lot of storage space. Our house is three bed two bath and it’s a trailer so we don’t have an attic or basement for our extra things. The full size spare room is where most of our boxes and things we can’t live without stay and the half bedroom has tools and more junk!

Once the “shop” is done being put together, we can start clearing out the two bedrooms and style them how we want. We also have plans for our room and the living room but they aren’t cluttered with Christmas decor and boxes.

Here is the to-do list that I have come up with for what I want to accomplish with the house before 2018 ends!

  • Get rid of old couch, replace with new recliner for Dillon
  • Finish shop outside and buy shed for storage
  • Get entertainment center for living room
  • Build fence for the yard
  • Clean out both spare rooms, remove carpet, paint
  • Paint spare bathroom, redecorate
  • Build storage bed frame for our room
  • Rearrange our room furniture
  • Get bricks and soil to start garden
  • Get a pool!!!

Hopefully we can get this stuff done. I will post updates on each big thing we knock off the list. I can’t wait to design and redecorate the spare bedrooms and living room, I will be sharing the products, furniture, paint, etc that I purchase along with any tutorials I can think of for remolding and decluttering your home.

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